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Things that is written wrong

October 17, 2006

London Lite have wisely decided not to put this on their website so I shall have to go to the bother of typing it all out for you. These are the opening paragraphs of their Kerry Katona book review;

Reading C-listers harp on about how they struggled with the pressures of fame to overcome Free Booze and Drugs Syndrome is getting rather old.
So it is refreshing, albeit harrowingly so, to hear the tale of a celebrity whose struggles were truly monstrous and who made it out the other side.

For a moment there I thought the reviewer didn’t like reading C-listers harp on about… Sod it. I don’t want to belittle Ms Katona’s struggles, she did after all witness her mum’s suicide attempts and was sent in to foster care and rehab and Loose Women, but this Martha DeLacy is clearly a big old liar. You love reading reading C-listers harp on about their struggles, Martha DeLacy. You love it.