Here’s a new game for you all. Buy a remote control dalek, then position all your toys around your gaff and engage your thumbs for a bout of ‘Dalek’s a Knockout’, a future classic in which R2D2 sits hiding in the corner like an uncharacteristicly cowardly alarm clock, Emma Peel ends up stooped before Steed in an upsettingly inappropriate embrace and Magical Trevor holds his own until the keyring Kiwi attached to his hat allows him to be plungered down at the last minute.

So welcome to Charles Dalek, the new house baddie, joining Kev the Dalek and Trev the Dalek in the lounge of aren’t we geeks. Charles Dalek 10, house toys 0.

Submissions please for your best stupid game for hungover mornings.


One Response to “Exacerbate!”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Can you upload this on YouTube? I’m fascinated.

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