Happy New Year, We’re All Doomed


A happy new year to all friends of Clements.

On a more serious note, we regret to inform you that the end of the world is, frankly, nigh – Terminator style. Man’s creations threaten us at every turn.

The voice in this clip translates as “Worship! Worship our robotic overlord!”

AT-AT walkers are in development, and they can even stand up when you hit them. No word yet on whether they can survive a flying rope attack round the legs.


and finally, man and machine will bonk and we shall be ruined forever.

don't fancy yours much

Hey Jon! They’ve been in Doctor Who!

Who loves robots? I loves robots.


3 Responses to “Happy New Year, We’re All Doomed”

  1. Wood Says:

    Happy New Year, Clements Kids!

  2. sarah Says:

    sorry for keeping you awake last night kids!

    happy new year!

  3. sue Says:

    poor robot’s getting kicked around in all sorts of environment. that is so unfair. robot’s have feelings too. anyone that begs to differ, please refer to the movie, Matrix.

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