When your heroes sell out




5 Responses to “When your heroes sell out”

  1. danielto Says:

    Fuckers. I’m never going to use a comedy actor for my credit needs.

  2. Shagnasty Says:

    I’ll still do the one on the right

  3. Ashley Says:

    Oh dear. This is not a happy time for me.

  4. Sharon Says:

    When I saw the ad teasers I was initially excited at a new series of Green Wing so soon. And then this. I’d still do the blond one, like.

  5. Stubbs Says:

    Well of course we’d all still do the blonde one (except Ashley with her strange Guybsession). They keep playing them. Where is the backlash? Why aren’t Barclays customers leaving in droves stating ‘I knew about the arms investments but this is a new low’ as their reason? Balls.

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